ICI Louisville appreciates the generous support and participation of its sponsors.

Sponsorship dues are modest but provide for operational monies that help the organization to host a bevy of cultural and social events and sustain annual scholarships for students to study abroad in Italy. The true strength of the ICI comes from members who are generous in sharing their time and talents to bring these events to life for the benefit of the broader community. 


Sponsorship LEVELS

ICI Louisville is proud to offer five levels of sponsorship in order to recruit and attract a wide range of Italophiles from across Kentuckiana. All donations support annual programming and are tax-deductible. 

  1. Individual Sponsorship
  2. Family Sponsorship
  3. Individual Under 35 Sponsorship
  4. Couple Under 35 Sponsorship
  5. Student Sponsorship

Volunteer with ICI Louisville

ICI Louisville offers many opportunities to volunteer: events, programs, and general assistance to the organization. Please let us know if there is a specific area where you can be of help or if you have a particular skill you can share. Also, for high school students, please note that as we are a tax-exempt organization, and volunteer work done for ICI may help meet service hour requirements (please check with your individual school).

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